Early this morning, Congress passed legislation to allow transitional reimbursement for the clinical services that are integral to home infusion therapy under Medicare Part B. Providers of home and specialty infusion therapy and the Medicare beneficiaries they serve have been advocating for this much-needed remedy for the past year. This action by Congress addresses a severe gap in the reimbursement for clinical services that has been undermining patient access to home infusion care. As the voice for providers and suppliers, NHIA is very pleased by today’s outcome.

The new law fixes a problem in the reimbursement framework for home infusion therapy created by the21st Century Cures Act (Cures Act) in 2016. With a temporary transitional reimbursement now in place starting in 2019 for clinical services delivered under Medicare Part B, home infusion providers will be positioned to receive reimbursement until 2021 when a permanent reimbursement structure, enacted as part of the Cures Act, takes effect. While the continuing resolution (CR) passed by Congress offers only short-term funding for the federal government, the home infusion transitional reimbursement provision embedded in the legislation becomes permanent.

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